Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Datexel

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Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Datexel

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Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Datexel

Datexel has a large range of Signal Conditioners. We manufacture Thermocouple Transmitters, that are either Head Mounted, Din Rail and we even have an OEM version that can fit inside an enclosure smaller than 1" x 1/4". These Temperature Transmitters are PC programmable or DIP Switch programmable. Some are isolated and accept input from various sensors such as RTD's, Thermocouples Voltages, Current, Resistance and Potentiometers. They have current outputs and we even have Temperature converters that have voltage outputs. Isolated units provide isolation between the input and output. This helps in industry applications where there is a large amount of ground loop problems. Datexel manufactures Ground Loop Isolators like the DAT4035 that can accept most sensor inputs and provide a loop powered 2 wire output. The DAT4135 is similar in that it provides an isolated output. It is a 4 wire device and can also provide a voltage output. The 4-20mA is boosted so the 4-20mA can be driven into higher impedance. Both the DAT4035 and the DAT4135 are PC Programmable with the Prodat programmer. Very similar to the DAT4035 is the DAT4535 but this device is also DIP Switch programmable and can work from a lower power supply voltage at only 7 Vdc. Being a newer design it has been designed to save costs over the DAT4035, but still provide more features.

The DAT4540T and DAT4540R are Frequency converters. They can accept digital inputs from Tachometers, NPN transistors, PNP Transistors, voltage or any Namur sensor or Proximity sensor. The output can be Current or Voltage and the DAT4540 has 2 digital outputs. The DAT4540T has transistor outputs and the DAT4540R has relay outputs.

The DAT4632D is a Mathematical Signal Conditioner that accepts Current or Voltage signals and performs various mathematical functions to these inputs. There is up to two inputs and the DAT4632D can provide two outputs. The mathematical functions can be summation adding both signals A and B together and providing the resultant output. Difference provides an output equal to the difference between the two inputs. Multiplication which would provide an output equivalent to the multiplication of both signals. Division which would provide an output equal to the two input signals being divided by each other. High value would provide the high output equal to the highest input. Low would provide a low signal equivalent to the lowest output. This DAT4632D is also a signal conditioner so it can convert the Current signal into a Voltage signal and vice versa.

The DAT5025 is a Strain Gauge and Bridge Sensor converter which can accept inputs from as low as +/- 5mV up to 200mV and provide either a Voltage or Current output. The DAT5025 can supply the bridge with an excitation voltage between 3.6 and 10 Vcc. The DAT5025 has 3 way isolation so the output and power supply are isolated from the input.


Loop Powered Isolated Transmitter

Input T/C'S, RTD, Pot, mA Res, mV.

Output 4-20mA


Isolated Signal converter DAT4135

Input T/C'S, RTD, Pot, mA Res, mV.

Output Current & Volts


DIN Rail Signal Conditioner

Input T/C's, RTD, Pot, Resistance, mV.

Output 4-20mA


Frequency converter DAT4540T

In Namur, TTL, NPN, PNP, Tacho, Volts.

Output Current & Volts, Relay


Frequency to Current converter

In Namur, TTL, NPN, PNP, Tacho, Volts.

Output Current & Volts, Transistor.

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