Bóng đèn phát tia cực tím UV ORC

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Bóng đèn phát tia cực tím UV ORC

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Bóng đèn phát tia cực tím UV ORC

Short Arc Lamps (AHD Series)  


Used as high-efficiency light sources in all industrial and research fields.

The AHD series provide high output sport light sources of ultraviolet and visible light in industrial and research areas.  The ORC short arc lamp is a long-life lamp using new electrodes developed after extensive studies, thorough analysis and simulations of stress in the lamp composing materials.


Short Arc Lamps (AHXD Series)

A group of deep UV point light sources with UV rays below 300 nm.  Permitting a high-energy density deep UV irradiation.


Short Arc Lamps (AXD Series)

A group of high-brightness point light source having a continuous spectrum similar to that of the sunlight.


Low Pressure UV Lamps (VUV Series: Type B)


with Ozone


without Ozone


UV wavelength of 185 to 254 nm. Suitable for cleaning, ashing and hardening of photo-resists and optical CVD. Also effective for decomposition by oxidation.


High Pressure UV Lamps (H Series)


Having a spectrum in the wavelength from 254 to 436 nm peaking at 365 nm. Energy: 30W/cm to 160W/cm, Arc Length: 60 mm to 1600 mm


UV Lamps (SMX Series, NMX Series)


Irradiates the wave length from 300 to 400 nm enhancing by adding halogen ide.  Optimal for exposing a liquid photo resist and curing and UV ink.


UV Lamps (NHM Series)


The lamps irradiate strong ray in the wavelength from 400 to 450 nm.  Optimal for photo-lithography.


Capillary-Type Super High Pressure UV Lamps


Instant turn on/off type lamp (linear light source).


IML Series => IML-3000 (3 kw), IML-4000 (4 kw), IML-5000EX (5 kw), IML-8000 (8 kw)


Excimer UV Lamps


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