Đầu đo 3 chiều (3D) HAIMER 80.360.00NG, 80.363.E25NG

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Đầu đo 3 chiều (3D) HAIMER 80.360.00NG, 80.363.E25NG

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Đầu đo 3 chiều (3D) HAIMER 80.360.00NG, 80.363.E25NG

The 3D-Sensor New Generation is a further development of our worldwide accepted and proven Universal 3D-Sensor. Its distinguishing features are improved mechanics and a new and compact design. In combination with the integrated short adapters - available in SK 30, BT 30, HSK-25/32/40/50/63 - it is the ideal solution for small milling and EDM machines.


  • With integrated short adapter in version SK30, BT30, HSK-25/32/40/50/63
  • Utmost precision of 0.01 mm
  • Enhanced overrun distance
  • IP 67 waterproof


  • For small Milling and EDM machines (isolated probe)
  • For workpiece-reset and length measuring
  • Any direction approach (X-, Y-, Z-axis)

Please take note: The given measuring precision of 0.01 mm only applies, if the original HAIMER probe tips are used.

Included in delivery: 3D-Sensor New Generation with integrated short adapter, short probe tip Ø 4 mm

Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

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