Đầu đo 3 chiều (3D) HAIMER Centro 80.300.00.FHN

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Đầu đo 3 chiều (3D) HAIMER Centro 80.300.00.FHN

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Đầu đo 3 chiều (3D) HAIMER Centro 80.300.00.FHN

Center bores and arbores quick and precise
The Centro is clamped in a tool holder and positioned close the sought axis. The probe tip is adjusted and touches the bore or arbor all the way around.

Dial gauge always in field of vision
With low rpm the probe slides along the bore or arbor. Its movement is transferred to the dial gauge. By using an antenna the Centro does not spin around and stays in field of vision. 

By using the Centro you find the axis of bores or arbors - reliably
As long as the spindle is out of the center of the bore or arbor the hands of the dial gauge stay in movement. By changing the position of x- and y- axis at the machine you can jibe the axis of the spindle and the work piece. 

Further advantages:

  • Check the axial run-out of the work piece to the spindle
  • Compensation of the run-out errors of the spindle and tool holder >> No adjustment necessary
  • Even in bigger distance the unusual size of the dial gauge is helpful to finish the job
  • Replaceable probes

Please take note: The given measuring precision of 0.01 mm only applies, if the original HAIMER probe tips are used.

Included in delivery: Centro with clamping shank Ø 16 mm, straight probe tip Ø 5 mm

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