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Model: UX
Hãng: Aichi Keiki

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    Email: info@ttech.vn

Thông tin sản phẩm
Models UX15(25)-0DC UX15(25)-0AC UX15(25)-0BT
Power source External power supply 24 VDC External power supply 100 VDC Dedicated lithium battery *1
Diameters of connected parts UX15:Rc1/2UX25:Rc1
Types of measurable gases *2 Town gas (13A)
Butane (70% butane, 30% propane)
Propane (98% propane, 2% butane)
Fluid Temperature -10~+60℃ (No freezing)
Flow rate range 0.12~6m3/h
Accuracy Actual flow rate *3 39-18. ± 2% RD (0.6m3/h or more to 6 m3/h or less),± 0.5 % FS (0.12 m3/h or more to less than 0.6 m3/h)
Temperature ±1.5℃
Low flow rate cut-off 0.024m3/h (Maximum flow rate/250)
Maximum operating pressure 100kPa
Pressure loss 200 Pa or less (Town gas 13A, standard atmospheric pressure + 2.5 kPa, Maximum flow rate)
Rated voltage 21.6~26.4VDC 85~115VAC
Power consumption 2 W or less (When the voltage is 26.4 V and current output is 22 mA) 10W or less (When the current output is 22 mA)
Environment temperature range Temperature: -20°C to + 70°C *No condensing
Output Analog 4 to 20 mADC (Load resistance at 400 Ω or less)
Select from the instantaneous flow rate and temperature.
Output 1 (Flow rate pulse) Unit pulse (Select from 1, 10, 100, 1000, and 10000 L/P; Standard setting: 1000 L/P)
Duty 20% – 80%
Nch open-drain output (Maximum load 24 VDC and 50 mA)
Output 2 (Alarms) Select the upper and lower limit alarms or the upper limit alarm of the integrated value. Select the battery voltage drops or upper and lower limit alarms.
Communication *4 Complies with RS 485 Modbus /RTU
(Select 4800 bps or 9600 bps.)
Measurement interval *5 0.5 seconds 2 seconds
Display Main display Accumulated flow rate: 8-digit integer and 2-digit decimal; Trip accumulated flow rate: 7-digit integer and 2-digit decimal
Ultrasonic measurement error, temperature measurement error, battery voltage error (for the built-in batteries model only)
Sub display Instantaneous flow rate display: 5-digit; Temperature display: 3-digit; Pressure display: 4-digit
Flow direction The flow direction is from left to right or right to left relative to the indicator.
* Please select when ordering.
Mounting position Horizontal or vertical
(The meter cannot be installed in a position where the indicator is directed downward or the cable introduction part is directed upward.)
Conversion functions Simple standard *6 A flow rate where the actual flow rate is corrected to the standard temperature and 1 atm.
(Enter an arbitrary fixed value for the pressure.)
Simple normal *6 A flow rate where the actual flow rate is corrected to 0°C and 1 atm.
(Enter an arbitrary fixed value for the pressure.)
Major materials of the part exposed to gases Aluminum alloy and PPS
Protective structure Indoor and outdoor IP64 (JIS C 0920); Avoid direct sunlight.
Mass (kg) 1.6 1.7 1.8

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