Đồng hồ so Peacock DGN-255, DGN-257, DGN-125, DGN-125B

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Đồng hồ so Peacock  DGN-255, DGN-257, DGN-125, DGN-125B

Yêu cầu giá tốt: 0984.843.683, Email: hien@ttech.vn
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Thông tin sản phẩm

Đồng hồ so Peacock  DGN-255, DGN-257, DGN-125, DGN-125B

 Type Simple type Multifunction type
 Model No.  DGN-255  DGN-257  DGN-125  DGN-125B
 Range  25mm  25mm  12.5mm
 Resolution  0.001mm  0.01mm  0.001/0.01mm Switchable
 Indicator error (excluidng
 quantized error)
 0.003mm  0.01mm  0.003mm
 Display (mm)  6 digit 999.999 with (- symbol)  6 digit 9999.99 with (- symbol)  6 digit 999.999 with (- symbol)
 Measuring force
 (upright position)
less than 1.2N  less than 1.0N
 Mounting Method Suppoerted by Ø8mm Stem ( Lug Back No. GB-1DX is optional )
 Contact Point SR2.0mm with Steel ball M2.5 x 0.45 L=7mm No. X-14
 Operating Temperature +5℃ to 40℃
 Common Specifications
Battery CR-2032
Data Output RS-232C (by cable KB-232C or KB-USB)
Change Polality Pusing up the Spindle
Change Unit mm / inch
Low Battery Light up "B"
Display rotatable Max 270°
Power Saving Automatic Switch off
 for only

Minimum Value Hold the Minimum Value (Min)
Maxumum Value Hold the Maximum Value (Max)
Measurement Value 0.001mm/0.01mm Selectable
Min + Max Hold the Minimum Value + Maximum Value (Delta)
Multiplication display Calucurated display at set multiple (Mult)
Judgment LED display -NG OK +NG (Tol)
Spindle Pull-up Lifting Lever (LL-205), Finger Lever (LL-D20), Release (RE-205)
Back with Lug Mounting Vertical/Horizontal direction (GB-1DX) hole Ø6.5mm
Contact Point All the replaceable Contact Point for Dial Gauges can be installed
Signal Cable RS-232C Cable (KB-232C), USB Cable (KB-USB)
Input Adapter A Data input to EXCEL (IF-21B)
 for only
Wireless communications Bluetooth4.0 type, Working distance is within 5m.
System requirements windows 10 uploaded

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