Hợp bộ tìm sự cố cáp ngầm SVP-05C KEP

Mã sản phẩm: SVP-05C |
Thương hiệu: KEP

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Hợp bộ tìm sự cố cáp ngầm
Model: SVP-05C
Hãng: KEP
Thông tin sản phẩm

High Voltage burning unit SVP-05C is designed for burning (destroying the soldered joint with resistance close to zero, in the point where a high voltage cable core short circuits to the shell or another core) the defective insulation of power cables, with subsequent afterburning, in order to destroy the contact resistance in the defective point, which allows for subsequent application of the known methods for determining the distance to the fault and fault location directly on the cable track.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Characteristic Value
    Single-phase AC power supply voltage, V 220±22
    Power supply frequency, Hz 50±1
    Maximum output voltage with no load, kV 25
    The number of working intervals 6
    The maximum output current under short-circuit for high voltage intervals, A, at least 7
    Maximum output current for short-circuit for low-voltage interval of "500 V", A, no less 15
    Longest allowed continuous operation time, min, with load current of:
    100% of maximum 10
    70% of the maximum 30
    Current consumption, A, max 40
    Average lifespan, years
    Dimensions, mm 820x630x500
    Net weight, kg, max 200
  • Operating Conditions

    The device is designed for an indoors operation under the following conditions:

    Condition Value
    Air temperature, °С from -10 to +40
    Relative humidity, %, up to 80 at +25° С
    Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm hg) 84,0 – 106,7 (630 – 800)