Máy đo áp suất khí khuôn cát Simpson

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Máy đo áp suất khí khuôn cát Simpson

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Máy đo áp suất khí khuôn cát Simpson

In order to accurately measure the gas pressure from foundry sands, this instrument can be used.  To measure, a sand sample is heated then the gas pressure is recorded over time.

The success of castings is largely dependent upon this gas pressure and the generation time of the sand.  During the pouring process, the cores and mold come into contact with liquid metal and are rapidly heated to high temperatures.  As the temperature increases, the pressure inside the core increases due to the growing volume of core gas generated.  The removal of these hot gases, via the core structure, is hindered by the mold.  If the quantity of gas reaches a level where it can no longer be vented by the permeability of the sand, the gas can be forced into the liquid metal and cause defects in the casting (e.g. porosity).  Due to this impact of the core gas on the casting between the start of pouring and solidification, generation time is an important variable.  To avoid casting defects, measurement of the gas pressure and judgement of generation time is extremely important to the metal caster.

Components Included: Measuring Tube & Attached Plug Coupling, Measuring Tube, Spiral Hose, (2) Plug Coupling, (10) Quartz glass tube,  Glass Funnel, Test Glass Brush, Sample Holder, Quartz glass tube support, Monitor Cable (COM Cable), ADS16DAN Software and Carrying Case