Máy đo cường độ tia cực tím UV-METER 2000 UV-LIGHT METER

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Máy đo cường độ tia cực tím UV-METER 2000 UV-LIGHT METER

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Máy đo cường độ tia cực tím UV-METER 2000 UV-LIGHT METER

■ Model: UV METER2000 UV METER2000 UV intensity meter
■ Application Example: Applicable to the UV light source, the ultraviolet irradiance measurement of the integrated circuit lithography, photochemical aging of polymer materials, coating, precision devices, optical communications and other fields.
■ composition: detection probe, the control unit, connecting lines.

■ Performance introduction:
In order to achieve consistency and strong curing effect, accurately determine the time the replacement of the new lamp, these by virtue only of the visually observed great deviation appears, therefore, optional light intensity instrument becomes more important. The the UV METER2000 is a new tester, high accuracy, portable volume, two detection probes can choose very large LCD screen features, very suitable for the detection of the UV light source, to provide a scientific evaluation of the data for the user, so that their understanding of what time need to replace the new lights, the right to choose the lamp power to provide guidelines to optimize the curing process, and ultimately achieve the purpose of cost savings.

■ technical parameters:
Spectral range: UV 250-410nm (nanometers)
Scale range: 0-2000 mW/cm2 (milliwatts / square centimeter)
Power: lithium battery
Battery power consumption: 100μA
Battery life: one year under normal operating conditions
Dimensions: square structure, long-160x wide 60x high 20 mm (mm)
The photosensitive probe: diameter: 35mm, height: 18mm
Weight: 450g (grams)
Display Screen: 3 inch (inch)
Cable length: 1 m (meters)
Ambient temperature: 0 to 45 ° C (degrees Celsius)
Withstand temperatures: 110 ° C (Celsius) under the conditions of continuous exposure to no more than 10s (seconds)
Calibration cycle: As all of the electronic components, such as: sensor, usually with the use of time and aging, to ensure more accurate measurement accuracy and effect, it is recommended to check the cycle of one year.
Warranty period: from the date of purchase within one year from the warranty, except for man-made damage or damage caused by objective factors.

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