Máy đo độ cứng khuôn cát thang đo C Simpson

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Máy đo độ cứng khuôn cát thang đo C Simpson

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Máy đo độ cứng khuôn cát thang đo C Simpson

The instrument is portable, lightweight and easy to operate. It incorporates an LCD display that clearly indicates the hardness number and completely eliminates any operator error associated with reading a mechanical scale. The instrument automatically records the maximum penetration value. The Electronic Mold Hardness Tester can be easily calibrated. Basic Package: Electronic Mold Hardness Tester AAA Rechargeable NiMH Battery Carrying Case Software Functions: Store and display date of last calibration Store and display user name Basic point to point mode Mode of Operation: Point to Point Mode – Allows the operator to measure and record one mold hardness reading per test. The basic Electronic Mold Hardness Tester cannot store any data in memory. This instrument will display, for a defined time, the resultant mold hardness value in the LCD. Mold hardness, as determined by this instrument, is the resistance offered by the surface of a prepared sand mold to be penetrated by a loaded plunger. The instrument measures the depth of penetration into a mold surface of a plunger having a load applied at a 90 degree angle to the mold surface.