Máy đo độ rung 7144-3348D ACO

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Infrasonic Meter TYPE 7144/3348D is ultralow-frequency sound pressure level meter to measure infrasonic or aerial vibration generated by explosive eruption of volcanoes.Measurement of ultralow-frequency sound pressure is possible in the range 2Pa~632Pa and 0.1~100Hz.

Thông số kỹ thuật

TYPE 7144
   + Frequency range  : 0.1~100Hz
   + Sensitivity(including Preamp) : 3.5mV/Pa
   + Dynamic range : 0.0632Pa~632Pa(Effective value) (When each range is full-scale)
   + Sensor : Ceramic type
   + Preamplifier : Charge converter
   + Size : Φ23.77mm × 130mm

- TYPE 3348D
Input Channel 1Channel
Terminal 6P connector(R03-R6F made by TAJIMI)
A:+15V B:-15V C:SIG E,F:GND
Output Terminal BNC connector (Digital:USB command)
Voltage Real-time waveform output ±1V/F.S.(632Pa)
Digital 16Bit (±32767/F.S.)
Noise Level 2mVrms or less
Measurement Range 2Pa~632Pa(Effective value)
Range 2Pa/6.32Pa/20Pa/63.2Pa/200Pa/632Pa 6stages
Gain stability level Within ±1%(Output terminal) Full-scale
Linearity Within ±1%(Output terminal) Full-scale
Phase lag ±2°(Positive aspect)
Indicator LCD:16 characters,2lines Display cycle:1 second
Display of Measurement value, Low-pass filter, Level range
Distortion of higher harmonics wave 1%
Frequency response 0.1Hz~100Hz ±3dB (when Low-pass filter OFF)
Dynamic response time constant 1 second (Slow),10 seconds
Low-pass filter 100Hz -3dB Attenuation feature -12dB/oct
Electric calibration Electric calibration by built-in oscillator(sine wave of 80Hz)
I/O terminal Control and digital output (USB1.1) of Infrasonic Meter by PC
Power DC+12V ±10% Terminal stand M3 or AC adapter
Power consumption Approx.1.5W(Approx.115mA) or less
Operating temperature limit -20℃~50℃ / 90% or less(Dewfall strict prohibition)
Size and Weight 160(W)×94(H)×230(D)
External calibration Piston phone 31.6Pa
@ 2016 NAB