Máy đo độ truyền ánh sáng qua kính LS-103A USB Window-Tint-Meter

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Máy đo độ truyền ánh sáng qua kính LS-103A USB Window-Tint-Meter

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Máy đo độ truyền ánh sáng qua kính LS-103A USB Window-Tint-Meter

ffects. UV radiation not only harm the health of the human body, burn human skin and eyes, and cause a variety of diseases; fade and lead to the aging of leather goods, plastic parts, affect the service life of articles. Infrared is the main source of heat, so that the need for the infrared and ultraviolet barrier blocking rate, the higher the better, that is, the transmittance the lower the better. For visible light transmittance, need to be determined depending on the use of the environment and customers' personal preferences and other factors. As used before in the automotive windshield sun film, the better the the visible transmittance higher the sight. Therefore, infrared, ultraviolet and visible light transmittance of these three indicators is an important basis for judging the quality of the solar film.

LS-103A USB rechargeable solar film transmittance measurement instrument test principle is the use of ultraviolet light source, visible light and infrared light source measured transparent material, the sensor probe three incident light intensity of the light source and through the transparent material under test After the light intensity, through the ratio of the light intensity and the incident light intensity is transmittance, expressed as a percentage. Most solar film, the of visible label transmittance to infrared and ultraviolet marked blocking rate indicators. The blocking rate = 100% - transmittance.

Second: the instrument operation
    LS-103A USB rechargeable solar film transmittance measuring instrument measuring instrument is a high-precision solar film professional for testing solar film for the infrared, visible light and ultraviolet transmittance, glass and other transparent material also can be used for measurements . Measuring step is as follows:

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