Máy đo lực căng dây Checkline PT-100

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Máy đo lực căng dây Checkline PT-100

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    Email: hien@ttech.vn

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Máy đo lực căng dây Checkline PT-100

Accuracy ±1.5 % full scale ±1 digit
Overload protection 200 % full scale
Measuring units cN, gr user-switchable
Measuring principle Strain gauge full bridge loadell
Damping Adjustable electronic damping, averaging
Display LCD 3 ½ digits, 9 mm high
Display update rate 2 times per second
Auto power off After 3 minutes off non use
Temperature range 10 - 45 ºC
Air humidity 85 % RH, max.
Power supply Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery (approx. 40 hours continous use, charging time approx. 3.5 h) with Charger 100 - 240 V AC with country adapters (EU/USA/UK)
Housing material Aluminium

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