Máy đo momen DTXS/DTXA series Imada

Mã sản phẩm: DTXS/DTXA series |
Thương hiệu: Imada

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Máy đo momen
Model: DTXS/DTXA series
Hãng: Imada
Thông tin sản phẩm
Feature Advanced model equipping various functions such as input/output the angles and saving to USB flash drive. Simple standard model maintaining DTXA performance.
Accuracy ±0.5%F.S.±1digit
Unit of measurement N-m, N-cm, kgf-m,kgf-cm, ozf-in, lbf-in (Unit switching is possible.)(*1)
Display 4-digit
Display update 16 times/ sec
Sampling rate Maximum 2000 data/ sec(*2)
Battery 8 hours (2 hours full charge)(*3)
Safe overload rating Approx. 200%Approx. 200%
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 -40 degree Celsius   Humidity: 20 -80%RH

Customized display(header and footer) / Peak hold(Clockwise and Counterclockwise)/Internal memory(1000 point data))/ Comparator (OK or NG judgment)/Reversible display/ Sign inversion/ Zero clear timer/ +NG alarm/Off timer(Auto power off)/ Dumping/ Time display/ setting lock

1st2nd peak/Angle detection at torque peak value(*4) /Angle zero reset at selected torque(*4)


USB, RS232C, Mitutoyo digimatic (*5), 2 VDC analog output (D/A),Comparator 3 steps (-NG/OK/+NG), Overload alarm

Sub comparator 2 steps (output of large or small judgment), USB flash drive, Angle(displacement)

Overload warning Approx.110%F.S. (Warning message and alarm )
External connecting switch SEND (a point of contact holding), Zero reset, Peak, ON/OFF setting
Weight Approx. 4.5kg (Including Standard table and Standard pins)
Dimensions Please refer to dimensions.

AC adapter, Inspection certificate, CD driver (including simple software for data logging), USB cable

USB flash drive adapter(*6)
Applicable Table Please see  Specification for Torque Gauge Table Attachment
Applicable Attachment Please see Specification for Torque Gauge/ Motorized Stand Attachment