Máy kiểm tra độ rỗ khí khuôn cát Simpson

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Máy kiểm tra độ rỗ khí khuôn cát Simpson

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Máy kiểm tra độ rỗ khí khuôn cát Simpson

Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer

This instrument was designed to mimic the compressing action of an automatic molding machine in order to measure the effects the sand has upon its compactionabilities.  Also, the device prepares standard 2″ x 2″ AFS or 50mm x 50mm metric sand specimens.  The standard sand specimen is used in various tests including permeability, compressive strength, shear strength, etc.

The sand squeezer can be a replacement for the standard 3-ram method of making sand specimens using a traditional sand rammer.  This device is considered more representative of molding machines that utilize high pressure squeezing.

The Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer is capable of storing nine Sample Names and values in addition to storing a predetermined specimen weight value for future reference and the calculation of specimen weight.  The compactability and displacement are automatically calculated and digitally displayed after the cylinder compresses the sand sample.  The actual squeeze pressure that is operator configurable via the included pneumatic regulator is also displayed on the digital display.

Operation of this instrument is simple for the operator.  After the prepared molding sand sample is loading into the specimen tube assembly, the specimen tube and tube pedestal are placed into the sand squeezer, the operator activates a variable control valve.  Once the valve is opened, the cylinder slowly extends and the operator guides the compacting head to the top of the specimen tube insuring the alignment is correct.  The operator will completely open the valve once the compacting head of the squeezer clears the top of the specimen tube (which will slightly compact the sand sample).  This action will cause the compacting head of the squeezer to lower further into the specimen tube assembly, which in turn will compress the sand sample to a set force dictated by the pneumatic regulator.  Once the sample is compacted and the compacting head is no longer in motion, the test is completed and the resultant compactability, squeeze pressure and specimen height are digitally displayed.