Máy thử cách điện dầu biến áp OLT M-Series KEP

Mã sản phẩm: OLT M-Series |
Thương hiệu: KEP

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Máy thử cách điện dầu biến áp
Model: OLT M-Series
Hãng: KEP
Thông tin sản phẩm

- Oil tester OLT-80M is designed for determining the breakdown voltage of the transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics in accordance with IEC 60156 and other standards.
- Both A and M series of OLT testers bring out accurate and repeatable results of measured breakdown voltage. Fast high-voltage switch off time makes it possible to carry out test of dielectric liquids, which are easily destroyed under such influences.
- The internal design of OLT testers combined with a use of automatic high voltage breakers, cutting off supplied voltage if tester’s lid has been opened during the test, provide operator with high level of safety.
- Testers are fully equipped and are ready for operation right after unpacking. They come with a test vessel (IEC 60156 – basic configuration) with VDE 0370 mushroom-shape electrodes. A gap between electrodes is easily regulated with a use of pass-no pass gauge, which comes in pack.
- M-series provides operator with ultra-simplicity of operation. It doesn’t require any presets. All you need is pressing start button after a test vessel is loaded. Tester will show a breakdown voltage result immediately after breakdown occurs.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Operating Conditions

    The device is designed for an indoors operation under the following conditions:

Characteristic Value
Output AC voltage (symmetrical), OLT-80/OLT-90/OLT-100, kV rms
Voltage resolution, kV
Measurement uncertainty, % of FS 3
Output voltage rise rate, kV/s
 2 ± 0.2  
Switch-off time on breakdown, μs < 5
Electrodes “mushroom” type IEC 60156
Test vessel IEC 60156, 400 ml, 1.0 kg
Go/No-Go gauge width, mm 2.45 / 2.55
3 × 7-segment digits
Input voltage, V 230 ± 10%
Line frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
Power consumption OLT-80/ OLT-90/OLT-100, VA
OLT-80 dimensions (W × H × D), mm
471 × 280 × 271
OLT-90 dimensions (W × H × D), mm 500 × 300 × 320
OLT-100 dimensions (W × H × D), mm 540 × 315 × 320
Net weight OLT-80/ OLT-90/OLT-100, kg

Condition Value
Air temperature, °С from +10 to +35
Relative humidity, %, up to
80 at +25° С
Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm hg) 
84,0 – 106,7 (630 – 800)

All persons involved in operating and maintenance of the device, must first be trained in safe working practices of the device.