Máy thử kéo nén ACT-1000N series Imada

Mã sản phẩm: ACT-1000N series |
Thương hiệu: Imada

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Máy thử kéo nén
Model: ACT-1000N series
Hãng: Imada
Thông tin sản phẩm
Model ACT-1000N ACT-1000N-V300
Capacity 1000N
Resolution 1N
Accuracy +/-0.5% F.S +/-1digit
Unit N, kgf ,lbf (*1)
Sampling rate 2000Hz
Safe overload rating Approx. 150% F.S.
Overload warning 110% or less
Measuring speed0 10/25/50/100 mm/min(Choose from 4 steps) 25/50/100/300 mm/min(Choose from 4 step)
Stroke Approx.50mm
Allowable sample diameter Terminal side: Slit width 1~8mm (*2)
Harness side: Aperture width 1~8mm (*2)
Allowable sample length 100mm or more
Mode BREAK/KEEP mode
Number of registered test condition 26 patterns(A~Z)
Output USB/RS232C/pass or fail decision signal (OK/NG)
Security lock Emergency stop button and Overload prevention (at the power on)
Power supply AC100~240V
Weight Approx.11kg
Size W400*D240*H150
Operating environment Temperature :0~40 degree Celsius Humidity:20~80%RH
Conformance Testing -UL 486A-486B(2013) “ Standard for Safety for Wire Connectors, 9.3.4 Pullout test”-IEC 60512-16-4(2008)
” Connectors for electronic equipment – Tests and measurements-
Part 16-4: Mechanical tests on contacts and terminations – Test 16d: Tensile strength (crimped connections)”-JIS C2805(2010) “Crimp-type terminal lugs for copper conductors.”
Accessory Software, USB cable, Power cord, Inspection Certificate