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Mã sản phẩm: TAA-MTS-TB series |
Thương hiệu: Imada

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Máy thử kéo nén
Model: TAA-MTS-TB series
Hãng: Imada
Thông tin sản phẩm
- Feature:
IMADA Torque-Angle Measurement Unit TAA-MTS-TB series can be used for tactile test, material evaluation and more.
The high speed sampling rate 2000 Hz captures accurate values and draws a detailed graph of torque and angle.
The unit includes a torque gauge, a torque stand with a rotary encoder, a cable, a graphing software and a chuck fixture.
The capacity is from 2N-m to 10N-m.

- Simple Setup
You mount the torque gauge on the torque stand and connect them by the cable.
You can perform torque-angle measurement for variety of samples by the changeable table and fixtures according to your needs.
High Speed Sampling Rate 2000Hz for Capturing Values and Drawing a Graph
The high speed sampling rate 2000Hz captures accurate values and draws torque-angle graph in detail.

- Easy Report Creation
The included software supports your report creation.
You can perform zooming a specific area, adding comments, graph layering (up to 5 graphs) and more.
Moreover, the created graph can be directly exported as Word, Excel and PDF file.

- Auto Data Recording
Graph drawing automatically starts and stops at set force/displacement or external signal.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model TAA-MTS-□N
Unit Torque N-m,N-cm Switching type
Angle °(degree)
Range 2N-m(200N-cm), 5N-m(500N-cm), 10N-m(1000N-cm)
Resolution Force 4 digit (Ex:The resolution of TAA-MTS-5N  0.001N-m[0.1N-cm])
Angle 0.001° (on Force Recorder Professional),0.01° (on Torque gauge display)
Accuracy Force ±0.5%F.S. +/-1 digit
Angle ±0.1°+/-1 digit
Allowable sample height
*Other sample height is allowable. Please contact us.
*The allowable sample diameter is depending on the attachments (separately sold). Please refer to the specification “Torque Gauge/ Motorized Torque Stand Table Attachments” or “Torque Gauge/ Motorized Torque Stand Attachments”
Torque Data sampling rate 2000 data /sec
Torque display upgrade 16 data/sec
Output USB,Serial(RS232C)(*1), Analogue (Approx.±2V)(*1),Comparator,Overload,Sub comparator,USB flash drive *USB flash drive is not included.
Function Torque gauge Customized display(header and footer )/ Peak Hold mode(CW/CWW)/ Internal memory (1000 data)/ Comparator(OK/NG judgment)/ Reversible display/ Sign inversion/ Zero clear timer/ +NG alarm/
Off timer(Auto power off)/Dumpling/ Time display/ 1st 2nd peak/ Setting lock
Test Stand Manual mode, JOG mode, Speed adjustment
Link function(*2) Angle detection at torque peak / Angle zero reset at the selected torque/
Automatic mode (CONTINUOUS,ONE WAY), Torque control,Overload prevention
Power supply Torque gauge Rechargeable battery (8 hour using /2 hour full charge)
Test stand AC100V~ 240V
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40 degree Celsius  Humidity: 20 -80%RH
Accessory Graphing software Force-Recorder Professional,
Driver CD-ROM(with data logger simple software),
Power cable, AC adapter, Torque gauge connecting cable(CB-728),
USB cable, Spare fuse, Instruction manual, Inspection certificate,
tool, packing cardboard box.