Thiết bị đo mức hãng LTH Electronics

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Thiết bị đo mức hãng LTH Electronics

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Thiết bị đo mức hãng LTH Electronics

LTH supply Ultrasonic, capacitance, vibration, hydrostatic, conductive, Guided Wave and Radar level instrumentation and sensors for industrial process applications.

The level transmitters can control the level in tanks, vessels, channels and silo’s to prevent over filling or spillage of products. They are suitable for liquids and aggressive chemicals, sludge and slurries and granular solids and powders. The transmitters provide an industry standard 4-20mA output as a level or distance signal.

Data Sheets


521 and 522 Series Ultrasonic Level

Meter Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

MLC Series Liquid Level

PTU Series Ultrasonic Level Transducer

RPL 50 Series Radar Level

Swing Series Open Channel Flow Measurement and Pump Control

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