Thiết bị đo tĩnh điện Trek 523

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Thiết bị đo tĩnh điện Trek 523

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Máy đo tĩnh điện Trek 523

Made in USA
Dải đo lớn nhất  : 0 to ±20 kV DC.
Dải đo  0 to ±19,99K V. 
Độ phân dải 10V. 
Kích thước : 31 mm H x 59 mm W x 183 mm D 
(1.2” H x 2.4” W x 7.3” D)

Cân nặng : 200 g (7 oz), with battery. 

The Trek Model 520 (±2kV) and Model 523 (±20kV)

Hand-Held Electrostatic Voltmeters provide accurate, noncontacting measurements of electrostatic
surface voltage for ESD applications in either ionized or non-ionized environments.

These two voltmeters utilize a measurement technique that overcomes the disadvantage of the typical hand-held field-meter by providing surface voltage measurements which are essentially independent of the sensor probe-to-measured surface spacing.

Model 520 is available in two versions. The 520-1 has a digital meter to display the measured voltage. The 520-2 has an analog output monitor in addition to the digital display. This analog output monitor can be used to record  the measured voltage or to view it on an oscilloscope. Always use the original grounding cord without any safety resistor; failure to do so will lead to measurement errors.

Typical Applications Include
  • Measurement of electrostatic surface charge build up
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Semiconductor material testing
  • Dissipative material testing
  • Automotive electronics testing
  • ESD Auditing and troubleshooting
Features and Benefits
  • Accurately measures surface voltage at a wide range of spacings
  • No need to maintain a fixed spacing
  • Chopper stabilized for drift-free operation in ionized environments
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit

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