Thiết bị ghi dữ liệu HYDRINS II HWM Water

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Thiết bị ghi dữ liệu HYDRINS II HWM Water

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Thiết bị ghi dữ liệu HYDRINS II HWM Water


  • Bi-directional flow
  • Easy “Hot tap”
  • Easily deployed, moved &
  • Long battery life up to 10 years
  • Versatile – can be deployed over a large range of pipe
  • High quality digital signal processing gives accurate measurement of low velocities (up to 2cm/s at +/- 2mm/s)
  • Optional display unit which can be deployed up to 200m away giving flow and alarm
  • Robust and watertight (IP68) with easy maintenance and calibration to ensure long term
  • Velocity profiling to validate accuracy of measurement
  • Night flow measurements easily obtained for network
  • Fitting includes a push fit connector for pressure
  • Communication via watertight