Thiết bị phát hiện rò rỉ PERMANET F HWM Water

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Thiết bị phát hiện rò rỉ PERMANET F HWM Water

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Thiết bị phát hiện rò rỉ PERMANET F HWM Water


The PermaNet system from HWM combines Permalog leak noise sensor and our versatile telemetry data technology to create a fixed network to monitor leakage. The system works in conjunction with Google Maps

technology to provide a live on screen tracking, allowing leakage teams to respond quickly to problem
areas and bring them under control efficiently.

Permalog algorithm, with all information transmitted via low cost GPRS or SMS telemetry. This removes the
requirement for expensive site visits and “drive by” data retrieval. PermaNet F allows leakage teams to monitor the status of each logger deployed from map based host software any internet enabled device using Permanet Web. Once the presence of a leak has been identified, secondary measures can be used to check and remove ‘false positives’ , as well as localising leak position.



• Real time data: Enables leakage teams to respond quickly to specific locations as soon as a leak is detected.

• Secondary validation:
               - Aqualog – detailed noise histogram to reduce ‘false positives’.
               - Audio – an operator can remotely listen to the noise.
               - Remote correlation determines leak position.

• Leak size identification: By matching daily alarms with flow data to enable leak alerts to be prioritised.

• Cost effective: Remote leakage monitoring reduces requirement for site visits.

• Easy setup: Remote set up via GPRS.

• Remote viewing: Viewing via server hosted software and Permanet Web based viewer

• Precise Logging: Ability to log noise more frequently to establish the noise profile and profile
alarms for precise immediate leakage alarm.

• External antennas: Improve signal strength, increasing reliability.

• Waterproof: Fully sealed & submersible, IP68.

• Latest Technology: Designed with latest mobile technology to maximise dial in and minimise cost.