Máy kiểm tra độ trà xước khuôn cát Simpson

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Máy kiểm tra độ trà xước khuôn cát Simpson

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Máy kiểm tra độ trà xước khuôn cát Simpson

The scratch hardness of a mold or core is determined using this instrument. The instrument incorporates a four point cutter that penetrates a finished core or mold surface when rotated. The depth of penetration of the cutter into the specimen determines the hardness of the core or mold. The use of advanced electronics increases the accuracy of the instrument. The Electronic Scratch Hardness Tester is lightweight, portable and engineered for foundry use. Package Includes: Electronic Scratch Hardness Tester Carrying Case Computer Software Package Infrared Receiver Box And Board Cables Calibration Fixture Software Functions: Store and display date of last calibration Store and display user name Point to point mode Store up to 900 data points Identify up to 32 molds Digital calibration of displacement Infrared data transfer to computer Mode of Operation: The instrument will automatically record the hardness number every 360 degrees of cutter rotation. This instrument will display, for a defined time, the resultant scratch hardness value in the LCD.