Máy đo độ ồn Castle Sonus GA216I

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Máy đo độ ồn Castle Sonus GA216I

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Máy đo độ ồn Castle Sonus GA216I

Applicable Standards IEC 61672-1:2002 (Integrating, Sound Exposure and Sound Level Meters)
IEC 60651:1979+A1+A2 (Sound Level Meters)
IEC 60804:2000 (Integrating Function
Microphone and Preamplifier Type 7052 Pre-Polarised ½” (13.2 mm) Free-Field, Electret Condenser Microphone: 20Hz – 8KHz ± 2dB –32 dB ± 3 dB re 1V/Pa Custom pre-amplifier design Typical actuator to free-field correction factor (based on 500Hz=0) is as follows
Display Back-lit LCD panel (8x1 Characters) Alpha-Numeric display for measured results
Level Range Measuring Range: 35-140
Linear operating range (IEC61672-1): 65dB
3 Measurement Ranges (IEC61672-1): 35-100 55-120 - Reference Range 75-140
Noise Floor Typical ’A’ Weighting <32 dB(A) rms.
‘C’ Weighting <38 dB(C) rms
Frequency Weighting ‘A’ and ’C’ to IEC 61672-1:2002 and IEC 60651:1979+A1+A2
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 8 kHz (including microphone) 1 Hz - 20 kHz (electrical characteristics)
Time Weighting Slow and Fast
Instrument Response Simultaneous rms. and Peak
Measurement Parameters Lp (Sound Pressure Level), Leq (Equivalent Sound Level), Lmax (maximum Level), Cpeak (Max. Peak Level), LEpd (Sound Exposure Level), LAE (Single Event Sound Exposure Level) Other Displays: Elapsed time, Overload, Battery Life
Calibration Software controlled 91.0 to 120.0 dB (1kHz) in 0.1 dB steps
Processing A to D Converter: 12-bit, 352Hz sampling Controller: 8MHz, micro-controller
Power Requirements Batteries: 1 x 6LR61 (size PP3), Life: >12 hours (alkaline batteries, continuous operation)
Dimensions 60mm (width) x 35mm (depth excluding pocket clip) x 135mm (height without microphone) or 210mm (height with microphone)
Weight 220gms (including battery)
Manuals Multi-language manuals*: French, German, Spanish and Italian

Accessories GA601 Single Level Calibrator: KA010 Kit Case for GA216I, GA601 and Accessories Note: Items marked * will be available as upgrades in the near future. In the interest of continued developments, Castle reserve the right to change the product specifications without notice

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