Máy kiểm tra thiết bị điện gia dụng BENNING ST 725

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Máy kiểm tra thiết bị điện gia dụng BENNING ST 725

Thông tin sản phẩm

Máy kiểm tra thiết bị điện gia dụng BENNING ST 725

  • mobile – network-independent testing due to battery operation
  • easy – operation by means of push-buttons
  • quick – testing within a few seconds
  • all-in-one – protective conductor current measurement by means of differential current or alternative leakage current measurement method

Testing of devices with mains voltage-dependent switching elements / mains supply units / relays such as controlled devices / tools, devices of information and communication technology as well as of devices which can be tested completely with mains voltage only.

In mains operating mode, the protective conductor current/ contact current is measured by means of the required differential current / direct measurement method.

New product features

  • storage locations for 999 test samples
  • 3 hot keys for storing, calling and printing the measured values
  • mini-USB interface and download software for the preparation of test certificates in MS Excel®
  • direct printing function for printing test certificates on site by means of optional printer BENNING PT 1 (044150)
  • prolonged functional test and differential current measurement (max. 2 x 5 minutes)
  • integrated real-time clock for storing the measured values including the test date

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