Thiết bị thử cách điện TOS7200 Kikusui

Mã sản phẩm: TOS7200 |
Thương hiệu: Kikusui
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Thiết bị thử cách điện, máy thử độ bền cách điện Kikusui TOS7200

Model: TOS7200 Hãng: Kikusui

Thông tin sản phẩm
- Outline
+ The TOS7200 is an insulation resistance tester available for a wide range of various electric and electronic components, as well as electric and electronic equipment. Output voltage can be optionally set in the range of -25 to -1000 Vdc with a resolution of 1 V. As it is fitted with a window comparator and timer function, the tester is capable of efficiently conducting insulation resistance tests based on various safety standards. In addition, this product is equipped with panel memory as standard feature, which can be recalled by remote control, SIGNAL I/O connector, and the RS-232C interface for easy automatic testing system construction.

- Features
+ Provided with the discharge function
+ Equipped with the window comparator
+ Hold function (which holds the measured resistance at the end of testing while PASS judgment is being output)
+ Provided with the timer function
+ Rear output terminals
+ Measured-value monitoring terminals
+ Equipped with the panel memory (enabling 10 different settings to be stored)
+ Equipped with the SIGNAL I/O connector and remote control terminal
+ Equipped with the RS-232C interface as standard
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