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Cảm biến đo nhiệt độ
Model: HTY7843
Hãng: Azbil

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    Email: info@ttech.vn

Thông tin sản phẩm
The separate type temperature and humidity sensor HTY7843 is used as a temperature detecting element
Pt 100 platinum resistance temperature detector (JIS C 1604 A grade), humidity detection element
Using a polymer capacity humidity sensing element (our developed model: FP3TM)
It is a highly accurate and reliable sensor.
With a wide measurement range and excellent stability, air conditioning ducts and chambers
It can be used for measurement of outside air and various industrial applications.

• High accuracy and high temperature and humidity measurement can be performed over a wide range.
• Excellent environmental resistance.
• Excellent long term stability.
• Separate the probe part from the amplifier part and realize miniaturization.
It is possible to measure in a narrow space or attach it to a compact device.
• If an optional filter is attached to the probe part, maintenance of the probe part
Protection structure can be IP 54 dustproof / anti-dust structure.
@ 2016 NAB
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